April 1, 2022

Cleverly Worded Headline from New Yorker, on Pot, Ted Cruz


This is not political, it's grammatical (writer's perspective): A toast to this wonderfully worded headline on pain caused by another person's speaking. From The New Yorker's Andy Borowitz (Borowitz Report).

Fauci Testifies That Legalizing Marijuana Would Help People Who Have to Listen to Ted Cruz Talk

Note: subject + main verb + that-phrase + weak modal verb clause + restrictive clause + to phrase + to phrase + disconnected verb that happens to be, irritatingly, the subject of irritation in the article. And set in all-caps in that beautiful typeface!

Purely a discussion of English, not politics, but one that makes me want to go somewhere for a break from recent depressing news headlines, in fact, somewhere where a completely different language is spoken. Come to think of it, the above headline would probably sound better in Spanish, so, maybe … Cancun?

—Off Key

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