May 21, 2021

Traditional Bumper Sticker Collection, from OffCide

Available on Redbubble.

The average city dweller spends approximately 167th of his or her life sitting at red lights, often with no traffic coming in any direction whatsoever. It is essential therefore that we do something to make this colossal waste of time more fun. And short of hood-mounted artillery, the best entertainment available may just be the bumper sticker.

Then there are honor rolls.

Left and right bumper stickers.

Global warming causes severe weather and droughts, which cause among other things dirty cars, because wasting water on washing cars is just not cool during a water shortage. But you can put a smile on your dirty car with this OffCide bumper sticker.

Glossy and opaque stickers available on Redbubble.

Yes, most married couples have one, if not two, drivers who fit this description.

Available on Redbubble.

Alone or together, here are two stickers that ask questions that are highly important in life.

Available at Redbubble.

Available at Redbubble.

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