November 25, 2014

Black Friday Promo!

Holiday Humor Read
Homeowners Are Pilgrims, too!

Hellacious Homeowner: The Saga of Owen Cash 
Welcome to the world of Owen Cash, a man pushed finally to conform with society and pursue his own slice of the Great American Dream: Homeownership. He journeys forth to battle house hunting (kids, go slice that family's tires) mortgage applications (you need an ultrasound of my kidneys?!), and more, all to please family and society and join the ranks of responsible, landed Americans—just at the height of the real estate boom (ka-pow!).

Free 11/29 - 11/30 on Amazon Kindle (& Any Device).

Holiday Mystery Read 
Thanksgiving Weekend Promo

Flying the Coop: The Video game Mystery Novel
A comedy novel that drags the mystery genre into a new setting: the video game industry and the world of venture capital.  In the process it pokes fun at East Coast vs. California outlooks, as well as overpaid politicians, health nuts, and more. Oh, and it tells the suspenseful story of a virtual-world hunt for a very brick-and-mortar murdererRead more.

Only 99c, Thanksgiving Weekend on Kindle, Nook, iBook, and Smashwords.

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