November 24, 2014

A Homeowner Thanksgiving, Part I

It was my first Thanksgiving as a homeowner when my father gave me the book, The Diary of Elder Owen, Mayflower Pilgrim, and I learned about my first ancestor in America, of what really happened at Plymouth Rock. It explains a lot!

Diary of Elder Owen, Mayflower Pilgrim

November 25, 1610. With the winter fast approaching here at Plymouth Rock, I fear we may well have left England a tad late in the year. I'm not sure what it is; it may be the snow on the ground and the fact that there isn't a thing to eat, or it may be the way the Indians seem to chuckle when they walk by.

Our late departure was unavoidable after we fell behind on our payments for the Mayflower. As Puritans we had scarce experience with something called “floating arms,” and this thing they called “interest rates” apparently had been rising. 

Interest rates?! And they ask why we want to journey to the New World?

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