October 12, 2012

Microsoft Office 2013 Testing Complete

The 2010 logo.
Microsoft’s Office 2013 software suite has passed the testing stage, a month earlier than expected,  a milestone both scary (as are most Microsoft upgrades) and exciting.

Microsoft’s engineering team said in a blog post that the new version would be the most ambitious yet, with added tools for note-taking, meetings and communications.

Those tools could be invaluable for writers and for publishing, particularly in today’s world where collaboration is a work staple and people want to access documents across different devices.

Microsoft is now preparing to release the suite for business and enterprise customers.

No consumer release date has yet been announced, but beginning Oct. 19, people who buy Office 2010 will receive the new version for free once it is available.

While the release of a new Office version might make many people nervous (this article is being written on Word from Office 2003), the new version will pack features for collaboration and accessing documents on different devices (an so maybe it is time to upgrade).

Microsoft has a preview of the new software online here.

—John Sailors
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Photo courtesy of Microsoft.
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